Effective chocolate

Another chilly, rainy day. Where did summer go? To be honest, though, I’m not really minding it; the rain is more a constant mist than a drizzle, and wearing a hoodie outside suits me fine. Obviously I’m living in the wrong place and I should move to a temperate rainforest. Regardless, it’s supposed to clear up within the next couple days (back into the 90s).

I debated going to the gym today; it’s been 3 days in a row of hard workouts and I’m probably due for a rest day. I’ll rest on the weekend. Today I dialed in 30 minutes on the treadmill and started off at a moderate pace, then kept turning it up. By the last 5 minutes it was really challenging, but I hung in there to the end (gasping). After that was 20 minutes of nice yogas and a well-deserved shower.

After my workout I was chatting with a lady in the locker room. She complained that the weather was getting to her and, maybe as an attempt to cope, she was eating too much chocolate…

Locker Room Lady: I ate a 3 Musketeers bar, and a chocolate cookie, and …
Me: Well, did it work?
LRL: Huh?
Me: Did you feel better after you had the chocolate?
LRL: *pause* Yeah, actually I did!
Me: Good, it was effective chocolate then!

There’s a lot of talk about self-medicating with food, but sometimes some effective chocolate is the perfect thing. Listening to what our bodies are asking for is hard (and takes a lot of trust) but worth it!

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