Only gym of the week

Today is my only day in the office this week. (Happy dance!) That’ll cut back on my time at the gym, but whatever, I have plenty of ways to exercise. (Although it’s supposed to be brutally hot this week, so outside runs should be extra fun.)

Anyway, I went with J to do some lifting and DIY HIIT. Maybe next time I’ll try throwing an extra 5 or 10lb onto some of them; this is maintenance lifting but there’s no reason I shouldn’t try to increase the level. Some of them, like OHP, have gotten a fair bit easier since I picked them up again so I might as well push it a little.

DIY HIIT was predictably brutal. I added another set of 3 intervals so it was: 3 sets of box jump, over-the-box sideways shuffle (does this have a name?) and burpees with jogging in between, 1 minute each. It was a lot harder to do 18 minutes of this mess than it was 12! I pushed it as much as I could.

My energy level is kind of low, my guts are unhappy, and my joints are stiff. I don’t know if it was something I ate or if it’s my impending period (I’m spotting, which is effing great). Or both! It could be both.

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