All I do is drip

Man, I love running in the summer, it’s great. I have the rest of this week off* and since I have a zillion errands to run (including driving 2 hours each way to close a bank account) I got out early for a nice 3 miles. It was about 70F when I left, which felt all right for a little bit, but the sun is hot and I quickly became a giant drip. I finished the run in 40 minutes flat. After a mile and a half my uterus decided to do that thing it does when it’s period time (I usually describe it as ‘trying to dig its way out with a rusty spoon’, sorry so gross) and I was tempted to throw in the towel but I walked until it subsided a little and then kept on going.

I need some kind of solution to keep sweat out of my eyes; a headband would probably be perfect. All the sweat that originates on my head eventually finds its way past my eyebrows. Anyone out there got a good recommendation?

* My parents are coming to visit and they’re staying with us for the weekend. Which means I have to clean EVERYTHING. I’m not sure why I do this… But I had a few days off to burn, so I have 3 entire days to get the house in order.

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