First lap swim of the year today! I went to the pool as soon as it opened at noon and swam for 30 minutes. I’m rusty; it’ll take some time to get used to it again. But it was a lovely workout and I’m so excited to be able to swim now! ‘Tis the season to admire all my back muscles.

There was another woman waiting for the lap lane when I finished, which is both good and bad– it’s nice to see other folks there swimming laps, but now I’ll have to share. :)

My parents were here to visit this weekend and it was really nice to see them (though it was way too short a visit!) They wanted to get me a gift for my upcoming birthday while they were here… so we went to REI and I got fitted for a hiking pack (this one). This means that I have all the big pieces of backpacking kit I need! Not only that, but my partner (who has been stubbornly resisting any idea of hiking/backpacking) somehow felt an urge to get a pack, too. And if he has it, he wants to use it! So we’re going to try a little trip in a month or two.

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