Next best thing to gills

Back at work today, bleh. It’s actually pretty slow right now, which I’m not really enjoying, but I get to catch up on reading papers and emailing and organizing all the knowledge transfer I’m working on. I’d rather be writing code, though. (I’d almost always rather be writing code.)

J and I went to the gym and I did another session of lifting+HIIT. My shoulders are still sore from swimming, but I realized that none of my lifting exercises right now target my deltoids, although they’re hit for some stabilization. No wonder they’re sore; I haven’t been using them much.

Today I’m also making plans to travel to Florida at the end of July and get my open water scuba certification. I got a major case of the adventure itchies and decided that I had some money and time to spare and this is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s going to cost me a small fortune though– mostly for lodging in the Keys, which makes no sense, who in their right mind goes to Florida in August, it should be cheap right?– and I’ll be traveling alone, which is good and bad. I’ll only have to worry about myself and my own schedule, but I’m a little worried about being lonely.

But I just have to get confirmation from the dive shop, make a few more clicks for plane tickets and rental car and hotel, and then I just show up at the airport with my bathing suit.

I made a joke to my parents that if there was a way that I could get gills, they’d probably never see me again. I’m not sure they found it very funny, though.

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