HIIT, now with more HIIT

I think it’s time for a rest day.

This morning’s HIIT class was taught by a different instructor than usual, and it was really hard. 20 minutes of varying levels of high intensity with no breaks longer than 20 seconds. In the other instructor’s class I have to remind myself to go hard; in this one there was no other option. It was brutal. But it’s done now!

I was chatting with the instructor after my shower and she said, "I was in this 1 hour HIIT class once and…" What? NO. 1 hour HIIT should not be a thing! I mean, I guess it could be, for crazy people?

And now I’m sitting here super grump because, among other things, I packed a skirt to wear that doesn’t fit very well. This is the hazard of throwing work clothes into my gym bag the night before and wearing workout clothes on the train. If I had put this skirt on at home, it would’ve been an instant veto. Now I have to deal with it all day.

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