Two at once

I forgot to blog my workout yesterday, so you get two at once.

Yesterday I had a lovely long swim. I forgot to put my watch on before I headed out, but 10 laps takes me about 15 minutes and I swam 30 laps so that must’ve been about 45 minutes. Shrug, I’m not too bothered about how long it took, since it was great to be in the water. I put on some sunscreen but I’m starting to get a bit of a tan– which is a very good thing, I’ll need a base when I head to Florida in about a month. A week of spending 8 hours a day in the water could be a disaster for naturally pasty me (I’ll need to buy a case of SPF50 when I get there, I’m sure, but a base tan will help.)

Today was my favorite youtube yoga, mostly to get some stretch in my arms and back. I’m not really sore, but I have an awareness that I’ve stretched through all the parts between my ribs swimming. (Actually, my sides are a little sore.) Down dog felt like a revelation today, with my shoulders plugged in and a good stretch between my hands and my waist. After the yoga I realized that I was going to have to balance out my back, so I threw in an ab workout with a long set of veeerrrryyy ssllooooww situps. Crunch up slowly halfway, then up to full sit, then really slowly lower back down and slowly release at the bottom. Very burninating.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be nearly 100F and I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Gym workout? Another 5am run? I have a new pair of shoes to try out. Definitely nothing in the heat of the day…

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