New shoe drama

New shoes! Unfortunately, they’re maybe not as awesome as I was hoping. I laced them up and hopped on the treadmill for 3 miles (I always do the first run on the treadmill in case I hate them– they won’t be dirty and I can send them back). They had a wonderful squish to them, each footfall was a joy– until I realized the left one was too narrow in the midfoot and I was getting that uncomfortable foot-folding feeling. I tried fussing with the laces but it didn’t help much. (The laces were really short! I didn’t have enough to tie two loops. I suspect these shoes just don’t have enough volume for my feet.)

They’re Mizuno Wave Rider 18s (men’s 7.5, as usual). I wore the crap out of the 16s and supposedly the 18s are a good update to the style but they felt kind of short and narrow. I could try sizing up, or going to the wide if that’s offered. Now I have to mess around with trying to send them back.

Despite the new shoe drama, the run was good and fast: 3 miles in 35 minutes. Treadmill, I’ve missed your flatness.

Last night I went to lift after work. Now I remember why I go to the gym in the morning: the weight room is full of bros in the afternoon. Bros who grunt every rep and discuss their 401(k)s. They were so busy standing around bro-ing, though, that I didn’t have to wait for any equipment. I did my 2 sets of 10 of everything in record time and went the heck home.

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