Zombies, intervals

Yet another beautiful day! I couldn’t not go out for a run this morning. But I wanted something different than a standard, steady-state run so I pulled out my Zombies, Run! app and checked what they had to offer.

Among the new features in the latest update (at least I think it’s new?) is interval training– 25:30 of walking, running and sprinting with voice guidelines and some zombie story for entertainment. Sounds good to me!

It wasn’t a very long run (I covered a bit over 2 miles) but I made pretty good time. However, doing sprints up hills is definitely no fun. I am so over the terrain around my house.

I got my new shoes replacements last Friday– up a size, up a width– and they’re working out just fine. It’s so nice to have shoes with enough volume– it’s much easier to fit the shoes by tightening the laces than to try to find room where there isn’t any.

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3 Responses to Zombies, intervals

  1. beartootter says:

    Been waiting for intervals on the Android version for a while, but I still have some back missions to run before I get to that anyway!

    • G says:

      Has android gotten season 4 yet? That’s when I saw that new feature.

      • BearToOtter says:

        Yeah, we have season 4 (although I still have five or six missions to finish in season 3). The big update to get us to 4 was a bit rough, but after the patches, it works great and is beautiful!

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