Give us gear– in all sizes

For some reason, getting back to the gym was the best thing ever. I got my 2 sets of 10 quickie lifting in, and added weight to bench and rows. (Yay!) Even squats felt good today– they could probably stand a bump up, too.

Afterwards I fired up the same interval workout from yesterday and hopped on the treadmill. Since it was nice and flat, I made it tougher by running the walking intervals (albeit slowly). The workout is just the right length to tack on to lifting and still get out after a decent time.

Fit and Feminist posted to Facebook a kickstarter campaign for size-inclusive high performance leggings. They go up to 3x/size 26. This is a good start, but I always sort of cringe when I see things called "size-inclusive" when the sizing still misses a bunch of people. Perhaps they’ll consider doing a 4x in the future.

I’m lucky that my butt usually just fits into the biggest size of straight-sized activewear. I still have a tough time finding the perfect item, or things I like (mesh capris, where have you gone?) but clothes aren’t a barrier to my activity. But for people who are larger, just finding workout clothes is a significant hurdle. And, when they can be found, they usually cost a fortune at specialty online retailers! It’s a strange catch-22: fat people are told we should exercise, but no one wants to sell us clothes to wear while doing it, and people give us shit when we dare to exercise in public anyway.

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1 Response to Give us gear– in all sizes

  1. I agree. Companies should offer all sizes, even on a special order basis.

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