How to refresh the brain in 5 miles

I sort of wandered aimlessly into the gym this morning; I wanted to run, but didn’t have any idea how long or how hard. This is my 4th run day in a row; usually that’s not my style but my legs feel fine (thanks new shoes!) and I was looking forward to putting my brain in neutral for a bit on the treadmill.

Well, I looked at my Zombies, Run! app and a new mission was out– and it said it was 60 minutes long. 60 minutes? Doable… I guess… and if it was awful I could bail and do the rest later.

It turned out to be a darn solid run. The mission actually wrapped up just a bit shy of 5 miles, so I kept going to get to that milestone. I paused after 2.5 miles for a trip to the drinking fountain, and around 3.5 miles to fix my shoelaces, but aside from that it was 1:01:21 of steady running.

My gear wasn’t quite right for a long run though; once I stepped into the shower the searing pain around my back and waist indicated that I’d chafed quite thoroughly. The back chafing I can’t do much about, but I should’ve worn different undies. Ah well, now I know.

Now that I’ve got a refreshed brain, it’s time to go eat lunch and then get back to work writing code and crunching data.

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