A2G is not for me

Since the holiday is approaching, we have 2 hours early dismissal today– hooray!– but since I still have a boatload of work to do, I need to make the most of my time in the office. Without giving up my workout, of course.

Quick lifting fit the bill. I added weight to bench again, got a little extra shoulder work in, and instead of doing squats I did deadlifts. It’s been a while! The DL loads weren’t heroic; the first set was 10x155lb and the second was 5x175lb. And they went okay– except that the callus on my hands has worn off, so I ripped up my palms. Good times.

I also spent some time with bodyweight squats looking at my form in the mirrors. I have big thighs and inflexible ankles and getting to parallel is always a challenge. Bodyweight squats obviously have a different weight distribution than back squats, so it’s not a direct comparison– I think it’s easier for me to hit depth with weight on my back– but to get more depth I wound up with a very wide stance, toes turned out, and keeping my knee over my toes was hard and put a lot of stress on my IT band. Do not want. I’ll have to do some more experimentation with a lightly loaded bar.

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