Getting some sun, feeling exposed

Finally, a warm and sunny day! Good for swimming laps. And so I did.  I wasn’t really very motivated to, though; I got through my half hour and said “welp, that’s plenty.”  And then I set up my towel on a lounge chair and read for a while, toasting my front and back halves.

After toasting thoroughly, I wrapped up in my towel and headed back home. My building is right next to the pool, so I never bother with putting on actual clothes– it’s a very short walk, and my beach towel is big enough to cover everything that needs covered. However, on my short walk back home some random guy walking down the street tried to strike up a conversation, starting off with “Hi… I saw you at the pool…”

Guys, unless you and all the persons involved are still at the pool, don’t start conversations this way. It also might not be a productive idea to try to chat up women in bathing suits trying to walk home. Personally I’m not very receptive to being chatted up when I feel exposed (not that I ever want to talk to random guys on the street anyway).

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