I thought I made up “core HIIT” but it’s already a thing

Today started with regular lifting: 2 sets of 10 of bench, bicep curls, OHP, rows, lat pulldowns, and squats. I added another 5lb to bench and bicep curls and 10lb to rows (that was too much; I couldn’t finish the second set).

After all that I was like "gee, I haven’t done much core work in a while, but I want to do some DIY HIIT too…" And so core HIIT was born.

It wasn’t as brutal as normal HIIT (after looking online, I see a smorgasbord of exercises I could use to make it worse) but it wasn’t exactly fun. It was 3×3 work sets of 1 minute each of (pushups, boat pose, locust pose), situps, and plank, with 1 minute of jogging around the group exercise room in between. I bet I’ll be sore tomorrow. In hindsight, I could use some obliques work in there too…

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