Why should a swimmer be bothered by the rain?

My period is attacking, and I felt pretty cruddy so I worked at home today. (I bless the rain etc for the privilege of being able to do that.) Once I wrapped up I was feeling antsy for a workout but the idea of running and jarring my tender uteruses didn’t sound like fun. Luckily, the pool’s open today! Lovely and low-impact.

Showers have been rolling through all day, but it was clear when I headed over. I had swam 7 laps when, suddenly, I felt a little extra water pinging on my back. The lifeguards shooed a group of kids out of the pool and I got out too, in solidarity. Actually I’m not sure what the rules are about swimming in the rain; I figure as long as there’s no thunder/lightning I’m okay, right? I mean, I’m already wet. But I don’t think the lifeguards wanted to be out in the rain; they were pretty eager to run for shelter.* After standing out of the pool for a few minutes getting rained on, it stopped and I went back into the water again and finished up. 30 laps in 45 minutes (with a short break).

* My pool has 3 lifeguards on duty– two sitting in the high chairs watching the pool whenever anyone’s in the water, and one at the desk. Which is good for the kids who swim there, but those lifeguards have to get so bored! I wish they could relax and do something else when it’s just me in there swimming my laps– I’m highly unlikely to drown…

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