A series of vignettes

  • I ran from imaginary zombies for 25 minutes– yes, another interval workout. I worked really hard today: set up an incline, and then ran the walk intervals at my usual maintainable speed, ran the jog intervals at a much faster pace, and VROOMd the sprints. Treadmill intervals are weird thought; running a prescribed speed is both good and bad. But it went well; I fit 2.2 miles into the 25:30.
  • The gym staff just came back from a vacation in the Caribbean so they had dancehall on the PA. It made for some hype-up stretching!
  • I forgot underwear. Sigh. I would just go commando but it’s happy period time so I put the soggy runned-in pair back on. Ick. (I’m glad I put on a fresh pair this morning, at least.)
  • Today I opened up a fresh bar of fancy soap. It’s my favorite post-workout indulgence! This one is Nubian Heritage coconut and papaya. I love their soaps; the African black soap does wonders for my face.
  • My butt is sore. Damn you, lunges. Later, foam roller.
  • I have a friend coming to visit! She’s flying in this afternoon. So all day I’m going to be bouncing around impatiently.
  • Now I have to be super-profesh and do an informational interview with a team member from out of town. Hopefully she will do most of the talking. I need to come up with some questions…
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2 Responses to A series of vignettes

  1. BearToOtter says:

    Hooray for Zombies (still waiting for intervals on Android, but I can’t wait).

    I really like your note about “fancy soaps.” I have a couple “fancy soaps” myself but haven’t come up with a good reason to use them. Maybe as a treat after workouts is the way to do it!

    • G says:

      I’m terrible about breaking open my fancy soaps too! They’re so fancy I would never use them. I take them to the gym now, but even at home they’d be a good motivator, I think! Give it a try :)

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