The best hour of the day

Today’s workout was another good one! I’m not sure what’s going on, but all my workouts this week have been great. Not only that, but they’ve been really enjoyable. My usual quip that the gym is "my favorite hour of the day" has never felt truer.

I finished up my Zombies, Run! mission from Wednesday with another spin on the treadmill, but it was only a mile’s worth. So after that, I started up one of the interval workouts. So yeah: a mile run at an easy, steady pace, and then 25 minutes of hard work! All told, it was 3.22 miles in 38:43. (Or thereabouts. My thingumbobber doesn’t do great tracking short, fast intervals on the treadmill.) I felt pretty unstoppable.

Last night after work I headed over to swim some laps before the pool closed up for the evening. I bought a new swimsuit– one actually designed for lap swimming, higher cut– and indeed I did my 20 laps rather faster than usual. (I suspect boob drag is significant in the other suit.) But there was a problem: the suit is made of some rough, indestructible fabric and chafed the crap out of my inner arms.

And today during my run I sweated and it stung. I wound up doing a good chunk of the run with my arms held up, like an overheated bird. I hope this heals quickly– and I hope my arms toughen up, because I like this new, faster suit.

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2 Responses to The best hour of the day

  1. K says:

    I really enjoy your blog. I especially connect to what you posted recently about your own expectations being problematic, when the people you are serving really aren’t nearly as invested in a certain thing happening as you are. Thank you for all that you write.
    I am currently searching for a new swimming suit! And I can’t seem to find one made out of anything durable that I can actually try on in a local store. Lane Bryant has a lap suit that looks perfect… and they only have size 16 left (which, simply put, is significantly smaller than I am). So, can you tell me about which suit you bought? And where – especially locally vs. online? And what research you did before choosing it?
    Even if you can’t/don’t reply to these questions, I again thank you. I’ve wondered about beginning to be more vocal in sharing my own fitness experiences, because most of the world simply doesn’t realize that it’s possible to be fit while fat and understanding that is so valuable, for the fat and the thin and everyone in between (imho).

    • G says:

      Thank you for the kind words! That was an emotional post, so I’m glad it connected. :) I definitely encourage you to start writing about your experiences. There is a great community here online, both the fatosphere and the feminist, body-positive fitness bloggers. I think having a diversity of voices is really important.

      The suit is this one: The fabric appears to be bulletproof! I confess to buying a lot of stuff on Amazon– I check the size chart (with my measurements handy), read the reviews for info about fit, and if it’s terrible I can ship it back. I’ve also had excellent experiences with Swimsuits For All– they carry cute stuff up to size 34, and they do cross-shipping if you need to get a different size. I’ve visited sporting goods stores to look for suits to try on, but their selection in larger sizes is really limited (this is a general problem with fitness clothing!)

      Good luck finding a suit! And if you decide to start a blog, do come back and tell me so I can follow it :)

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