My partner is noisy

My workout today was a typical lifting session, skipping anything lower body– I’m still sore. Tonight I’m hoping to get to the pool to swim some laps (maybe with less underarm chafing this time).

My mood has been really variable lately; it veers between content and stressed. In general I feel like I have my shit together, but I would like some extra time. (Who wouldn’t?) Our AC is still broken but it was cooler yesterday so I was able to cook dinner and even made some ice cream with my new ice cream maker toy.

But I suspect that at least half of my frazzle today is due to sleeping poorly. It took me 90 minutes to simply fall asleep, and then shortly thereafter my partner woke me up with snoring. At that point I left to sleep on the guest bed, which he hates, but I can’t get woken up every 15 minutes. And then I slept wonderful good sleeps.

To be honest, I don’t think the problem is that I have issues falling asleep. I think I’m just sensitive to noise when I’m trying to fall asleep! And I have a noise source sleeping next to me…

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4 Responses to My partner is noisy

  1. chasingdownhealthy says:

    Ohhhh man can I relate to this. I can’t handle ANY kind of noise when I’m sleeping. I wake up SO many times throughout the night. I blast a fan next to my head but it doesn’t kill all the sounds. And when my husband gets too close and starts snoring, that’s it. I move to the couch. Where, you know, there are dogs and such. I have many nights like this!

    I’m glad it was cooler for you, I hope it stays that way until the repairs are done!

  2. Sue-Ann says:

    I made my ex have the surgical snoring procedure done, or I was literally going to kill him as he’d created a case of severe insomnia and I was experiencing homicidal thoughts in the early hours of the morning. It worked a treat! And having also taught him how to cook, I was able to hand his new girlfriend (we’re all friends) a lovely upgraded version :) The procedure was so effective that a few nights after he returned from hospital, the fridge kept me awake… I’d never heard it before because he was too loud :)

    • G says:

      There’s a procedure?! I think there are a number of interventions we might try before we get to that point, but that’s good to know.

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