Brutally hot

I’m not sure what I was thinking today. I set my alarm for 5:30 to go run in the morning cool, but I wound up turning it off and sleeping in. So it goes. By the time I finished up my day it was 6pm and 87F. And I was like “ennh I really want to go run, I can handle it”. Note to self: it was not the best idea.

I dialed in 30 minutes and set off on the big hilly route (the monotonic route has construction on it, and I don’t relish running through all that). Now, my time overall was okay. I covered 2.4 miles, the first mile was sub-12 (fast for me) but I probably pushed it too hard, because then I started feeling sort of light-headed and weird. I made it to the end (with some walk/water breaks) but I felt pretty awful. Once I got back inside I gulped down a big glass of Emergen-C (electrolytes) and took a cold shower. I’m still headache-y though.

On a more fun note, I got a nice lap swim yesterday. 45 minutes was about the max I could pull off– my arms got tired. Since when do my arms get tired? Usually I feel fatigue everywhere else instead.

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1 Response to Brutally hot

  1. ebay313 says:

    Heat is definitely one reason I prefer to run after dark, it’s cooler without the sun out, plus lower risk of sun burn (I’m super pale). Even so the heat and humidity were uncomfortably high my last few runs.

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