Morning open water seaweed swim

I have exactly 3 goals for today:

  1. Sleep in as late as possible (check! 9am)
  2. Go for a swim in the ocean (check! See below)
  3. Toodle around this area, get the lie of the land and maybe do my souvenir shopping

I was super excited to go swim. But I headed down to the beach and realized that I was, in fact, in the Keys– coral islands with, well, cruddy beaches. But I picked my way across a band of wave-deposited seaweed (while I was swimming, someone came with a backhoe and raked it off), then walked into the water. There were a few yards of sandy bottom– from the sand that had been dumped to make the white sand beach there, no doubt– but that quickly changed to dense sea grass. I paddled across this shallow part (there were so many tiny blue fishies hanging out there!) and once it got deep enough that I couldn’t touch, I started swimming.

It was a nice enough way to spend a half hour, but the water had lots of seaweeds floating on it and having them brush against me kind of gave me the willies. Not sure if I’m going to do that again. (Plus my suit chafed. I could tell immediately in the salt water. Ow.)

One more thing: I like eating breakfast and wanted to be prepared with something I can make in my room. So I picked out a protein powder in a small packet to bring along. (At home my breakfast is usually a hemp protein and fruit smoothie, but I wasn’t sure about bringing a baggie of hemp powder on the plane?) 


Unfortunately it is terrible. I wanted to like it because it was plant based, but they used stevia and that shit is nasty and cloying. I should’ve noted the “only 90 calories!” on the front.

On the plus side, the room has a keurig (which I wouldn’t buy for daily use, but they’re really nice for hotel coffee).

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2 Responses to Morning open water seaweed swim

  1. chasingdownhealthy says:

    I love that you’re there! I bet it’s beautiful, even with the sea weed swimming. It would have made me squeal, I love the ocean but can’t stop myself from freaking out when something touches me. Sorry that you’re smoothie mix was yuck! And a Keurig totally beats typical hotel coffee. :)

    • G says:

      I laughed this morning because all they left me were decaf k cups! And then I found a coffee shop down the road, thank goodness.

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