Almost official

Well, today was my first boat check-out dive, plus my exam. Yes, I passed. (It really wasn’t too hard.) And finally getting to go dive in the ocean was really cool :)

The worst parts of the trip were on the surface– it was windy and there was significant chop out there. Once we got on station the boat was rolling all over the place and I got kinda seasick.  It’s hard to get my kit together when it’s rough, too.

The best parts of the trip were the dives– of course! Finally getting to go to 25 feet and check out the reef was amazing. 

We also did some skills tests like mask clears and regulator retrievals. Tomorrow is a couple more skills: the controlled emergency surface ascent and some other stuff, and then I will be a certified diver officially.

Today’s dive was 4 hours and just the one; tomorrow will be 2 4 hour sessions. I’m a little nervous. The one session was exhausting. 2? I’m going to take my seasick meds and hope for the best.

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7 Responses to Almost official

  1. I did a week of diving in the Keys years back, the dives were beautiful, but the last one had a really choppy surface. Once we went down though, just a calm, beautiful world. I need to get back to it (need a new mask)!

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