Back on land

I made it home uneventfully yesterday, and was super excited to see my partner (a week away was hard) and sleep in my own bed. Today I’m working at home but I have a big pile of meetings to call in to so I rushed to get a run in early.

The weather is nice– 78F, a bit humid with a dew point of 67F. For comparison, yesterday I wanted to get a run in before I headed to the airport, and early in the morning it was 82F with a dew point of 77F (yeah, that didn’t happen).

I dialed in 3 miles and set out. Overall it went really well; I finished the 3 miles–on hills– in 36:06, which is just a tad slower than my fastest 5k pace. So that was good. I did take some walk/water breaks, especially towards the end; after the halfway point I was really fighting and overheating, getting lightheaded again. Not so good.

And I wonder if I have something going on with my inner ear after diving? I’ve felt a little dizzy and wobbly when sitting down, like I’m still rocking. After spending all the time on the boat I figured it was just sea legs, but it shouldn’t be persisting for 2-3 days. If I still feel weird tomorrow I’ll make a doctor’s appointment.

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