Lifter sermons

Back to the weight room today for a quick and somewhat easy lifting session. I wasn’t feeling much like a heavy session, and I didn’t think it was a good idea anyway– because of my ear issue, I really don’t want to Valsalva, so I stayed away from lifts where I would need or be tempted to. (I made a doctor’s appointment. Soonest I could get in was next week. Gotta love the US medical system– it’s likely that it’ll either resolve itself by then, or get worse.)

So, bench, biceps, OHP, lat pds, front squats, Russian twists, and weighted crunches on a ball. Yep, front squats! I’m not really a big fan of that squats variation, but it’s something different and I could do it light (just the bar) and it still felt challenging. It seems to target my quads more than my hip flexors, too– always a plus when I want to run the day after.

Sometimes I struggle with not being an evangelical lifter. I was chatting with a group of folks and the fraught topic of squats came up. One person squats heavy. Another person, a distance runner, does 100 light squats a day, in sets of 20. Another person had a run-in with a bad personal trainer who forced her way beyond her limits and she couldn’t walk for 3 days and vocally hates on squats now. There’s always a temptation to tell people that they’re doing it wrong, and everyone kind of bickered for a while. But all of these experiences are legitimate, and perfectly appropriate ways of doing squats (or not doing them). Each individual is either going to do what works best for them, or seek out some expert opinion to find out what will. My business is my own squats.

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