Friday and looking ahead

Today’s workout was pretty intense: 18 minutes of HIIT followed by 2 miles on the treadmill at a good speed (24:13). I’m tired, hungry, and a little bit dizzy (I think it is more noticeable when my blood sugar is low, and I can feel something sloshing around in my ear now too).

I finally finished the last of that Vega protein shake mix this morning, thank goodness. After a good week+ of drinking it, it’s pretty obvious that whatever’s in there is not for me. Not only is it unpalatable, it has some… interesting effects on my digestive system. I’ll leave it at that.

It looks like this weekend is going to be my only open weekend for a while, so it would be a good time to give my hiking kit a test run. Maybe I can rope one of my companions into coming with me. I have about 2 months until the 4-day hike and I really don’t want to go in there untested. If I can handle a 10-mile day hike with my pack, I’ll consider myself ready to go, since that’s about what we’ll be covering a day– but I suspect this weekend’s hike will be shorter…

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