Post-hiking workouts and more planning

Sunday’s hike left me sore in places I’m very rarely sore! The sides of my calves and my groins are really beat up, and my hip flexors are wrecked but that’s nothing new. I think I’ve learned the difference between how running works and how hiking works: running is mostly predictable force, front to back mostly, while hiking is uneven surfaces and wobbly rocks and sideways foot placements and ups and downs, not to mention pack weight loaded on my hips. It should come as no surprise that I’m sore in weird ways, and now I get to find ways to better train for hiking. Thankfully, I have no upper body soreness, and my lower back is mostly okay too (bless my pack for being awesome).

That said, I headed to the gym this morning to go lift and did so rather gently (and upper body), and threw in some MYRTL movements for good measure. After that, I switched to nice yogas and finished with the foam roller. Stretching out felt really good, and afterwards I could move more freely.

I should probably make an effort to get out for more test hikes before the big one in October. An overnight would be good too, so I can test out the rest of my gear. I might have time the weekend after next…

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One Response to Post-hiking workouts and more planning

  1. chasingdownhealthy says:

    Hiking really is a whole different ballgame isn’t it? You nailed it perfectly that running is calculated and predictable, where hiking is not. I love to hike but it does tear me up. GOOD JOB!

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