Amoral cookies and out-of-control planning brain

Thanks, kettlebell swings! My posterior chain is roughed up again. I suppose it must be a good thing overall; anything that gets that sore is likely something that needs a little work. But still. I went to the gym today and dragged my tired legs onto the treadmill, queued up a Zombies, Run! episode, and battled through 3.6 miles in 46 minutes. The first mile was okay; the second mile was terrible, and then everything evened out again and the rest was tolerable. It’s funny how my body can be going "omg this is AWFUL stop RIGHT NOW" one minute and then, if I hang in there, it eventually quiets down.

Yesterday I baked up my favorite molasses cookie recipe (just the cookies, no filling this time) and brought some in to work to set out in the kitchen. They disappeared quickly, no surprise. Around 3pm I ran into a coworker and she cornered me, asking "Are you the one who brought in those evil cookies?" Honey, I don’t assign moral values to baked goods. I didn’t bring them in to tempt people to sin (?!) but just to share and be nice?

Speaking of work, it’s been something of a mess and I’ve been casually applying for transfer opportunities. Well, one of them has come back with a positive response, though I’m still not sure if or when I’ll get called for an interview. This would be excellent news– it’s a really interesting part of the org, doing work that aligns better with my interests and skills– but it is also a relocation. My partner is open to a move, so it’s not a dealbreaker, but there are a lot of details to consider. And my planning brain is already starting to obsess about how it would all work– and this before I’ve even been chosen to interview. I’m going to have to make a really strong effort to just let it all happen and not let my brain go off the rails…

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3 Responses to Amoral cookies and out-of-control planning brain

  1. “Honey, I don’t assign moral values to baked goods.”

    I want that on a t-shirt.

  2. chasingdownhealthy says:

    I want that shirt, too! The real evil lies in those kettle bells. My husband love them but they tear me up. But like you said, there’s a reason for that. Good job on the run! I’ve never tried the zombies app.

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