A cruddy run for a Friday

Maybe I can blame this one on the fact that I spent my morning with the vampires– I mean, I went to get my bloodwork done. Well, past experience tells me that donating blood means cruddy workouts for a day or two, but this was only two little vials. Why don’t labs do blood donation while you’re in there, anyway? They’ve already tapped me, might as well donate too while I’ve got the needle in. Anyway.

This morning was gorgeous and cool but by 4pm it was hot again. And that’s when I went out– but at least it wasn’t so humid. I dialed in 3 miles and finished in 39:30, feeling cruddy the whole time. My legs were tired but I hung in there. I think I’ll take tomorrow as a rest day…

But I’m also debating if a hike is in the cards for Sunday. I think I’d stick with a daypack and my running shoes this time (since I haven’t gone boots shopping yet) but my friend told me of a 12 mile loop in a nearby park that sounds like a good candidate.

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1 Response to A cruddy run for a Friday

  1. Giving blood (for tests, I’m barred from actually donating blood, being gay and all) is always tough for me, multiple sticks and lots of wiggling the needle around to get any blood out. When I gave blood recently, it made me feel really sick until I got some water into my stomach to calm it down, but since, I’ve actually felt better. Not sure if they’re related, but I’m going to take it!

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