Hot runs, hot spots, hot heads

Well, it’s not actually all that hot out– low 80s and pleasantly non-humid. Perfect running weather! However, my 3.5 miles in 45 minutes still left me plenty drippy. Someday I’ll learn to pace myself– the first mile was great, then I crapped out in the rest. Don’t I complain about this on every run? I start out fast thinking that I’ll be able to sustain it– but I can’t…

Looks like I need to put some more thought into lacing my shoes again… I have a hot spot on the ball of one foot and a blister on the other. I was planning on going to ye olde hiking store to pick out some new boots, but I don’t know if that’s in the cards for today now.

And last but not least– hot heads. The area I run in is quite suburban with traffic and lots of small, unsignaled road crossings to navigate. I typically err on the side of caution and I’ll stop if I come up to a car turning off the main road (never mind my pace, I prefer to not get hit by cars). A lot of the time it turns into a standoff where the driver is trying to wave me through the intersection, and I’m waving them on. Honey, I’ve already stopped. You might as well turn while you have an opening. I might have wound up flailing my arms and shouting at one driver today…

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