I am so metal.

Once upon a time I saw a meme that read, "Every month, we bleed for a week and we live. What could be more metal than that?" This is a truth I believe in. I shall bare my teeth and rage my way through the moon-sickness pain, until it slinks away in defeat, only to return again the next cycle…

I suppose this is a useful way to think about chronic pain. Not that makes it easier.

On a less weird note, today’s gym was somewhat abbreviated. I took a break yesterday, but today I was back to do my base upper-body lifts of bench, biceps and OHP.

After that, I committed the rest of the session to yoga, focusing again on my shoulders and upper back. No progress yet…

The longer I run, the more I realize that the aphorism about running being a cheap sport because all you need is shoes, is complete bullshit. I just spent $150 on 3 sports bras that will wear out after 6 months. And they still chafe. (Long runs get the new bras. Because they chafe the least.)

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