How many times can I turn my ankle in one run…

(The answer to this question is apparently 4. Twice each side.)

The weather is absolutely beautiful today– 77F, low humidity– and it’s Friday after a week of too-long workdays so, after I came in early to wrap up my morning’s crazyness, I gave myself permission to head down to the park to run around. It’s way too nice out to not take advantage…

So, I ran the mile down to the park, tootled along the creek for a while, and then ran back up to my building– grand total 4.2 miles in 56 minutes. It felt like a good, strong run– except I kept turning my ankles on everything. Roots, rocks, dips in the sidewalk. Thankfully I recovered after short walking breaks but still, ow. And when I say ‘ran down’ and ‘ran up’ I mean exactly that; the land slopes fairly sharply down to the creekbed, so my first mile was quite fast and my last mile was quite slow.

Usually the park is full of people out walking, running, walking their dogs, but today it was peaceful and very quiet. I didn’t see anyone for a long time.

It’s been dry and once I turned off the rocky main trail, the small cat path along the creek was the most lovely running surface– a layer of soft, powdery sand over dirt. Unfortunately I think I brought a lot of it back with me– my socks and shoes are filthy and the contrast between my clean foot skin and my dirty ankles and calves was pretty amusing. The joys of running out in nature…

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1 Response to How many times can I turn my ankle in one run…

  1. Kevin says:

    Careful out there with those ankles. Rolling my ankles of one of my biggest worries on the rough terrain.

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