Perfect day-after yoga practice– and more hiking planning

The good news is, I’m not as sore as I was after 2 hikes ago, likely thanks to a lighter pack and better footwear. But I’m still sore, so I figured my favorite YouTube yoga practice was a good choice for today’s workout. And I feel pretty great now that it’s done. It’s full of hip openers, which is exactly what I needed. And I’m finding a little more range of motion in my shoulders today– maybe working on that is paying off?

N and I are both planners, and during yesterday’s hike we were in full-on planning nerd mode for October’s 4-day trek. You know the saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail”? Life mottos for us. I guess not all of our company are so organized though; my other coworker likes to just wing it (of course, he spent years in the Marines so he has his habits and training to fall back on). So we’ll see how much we can get arranged before-hand. N said, “Let’s have a planning party!” We are hard-core.

And I swear this blog isn’t going to turn into Hiking While Fat, but right now I’m falling down a gear rabbit hole trying to get prepared while not spending a zillion dollars. My parents gave me a camping hammock for Christmas (a woot special) and it sounded like a great idea; I hate sleeping on the cold hard ground, and it’s easy, just tie it to some trees and go to sleep, right? Not exactly. I’m missing two critical and expensive pieces: a tarp/rain cover, and what they call an underquilt– since the hammock compresses whatever’s inside it (like your fluffy sleeping bag, which is only warm if it stays fluffy), if you don’t want your butt to be cold you have to put insulation on the outside. It took me a long time to grok the underquilt. Anyway, I think I can repurpose our tent ground cloth for a tarp, but UQs start at like $150. I suppose I could go find some ripstop and batting and DIY something workable, but at the end of the day it’s probably better to buy one and stay warm for sure. This is a lot of money to kit up a gifted hammock, and I’ll probably only wind up saving about a pound over a tent anyway. It’d better be comfy!

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2 Responses to Perfect day-after yoga practice– and more hiking planning

  1. Some rope and the ground cloth should work, and if not, if you can even pull out the windfly from a tent to use, depending on grommets and holes that are already in it.

    • G says:

      The ground cloth is about 9′ on the diagonal (the tent is a small 2-person backpacking tent) so it would be really minimal cover… I’ll have to give it a test rig and check the weather…

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