Sleep and guilt

I’m in an awful mood today. I went to the gym hoping that a good workout would help, but it didn’t really– though I have the satisfaction of being done, I’m just still grumpy.

I did my usual lifts at their usual weights, but for some reason I figured it would be a good idea to do deadlifts today. At 185lb. I did two sets of 5, just barely. Hopefully I haven’t shredded my posterior chain too bad; it’d be nice to be able to manage a run tomorrow? After the lifting I did more yoga, which was wonderful as usual. Gotta keep those shoulders loose…

The reason for my grumpiness is probably that I slept really poorly last night. (My sleep tracker stuck a value of 36% on it, for what that’s worth.) It was one of those nights where I felt like I tossed and turned and wasn’t getting to sleep for hours, though I probably dozed a few times. Around 1:30am my partner’s snoring jolted me wide awake, and at that point I picked up my pillow and blanket and moved to the guest bedroom– where I slept like a baby. I feel like I’m slowly conditioning myself to sleep poorly in my bed and well in the guest room.

My partner always tells me he feels bad about when I go to the other room, but I don’t care where I sleep, as long as I sleep, you know? I wish he wouldn’t even mention it. I don’t want him to feel guilty about it. I just need good sleep, and the fact that apparently I’m making him feel bad by leaving so I can sleep is driving me a little nuts.

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2 Responses to Sleep and guilt

  1. chasingdownhealthy says:

    My husband snores me out of the bedroom now and then, and he always feels REALLY crappy about it. But I’m with you, I need sleep! Tell him to get over it, that it’s not about him, and you’re doing the entire relationship a favor by leaving to sleep. Tell him that he’s making you feel guilty which is going to result in you resisting the urge to move, then you’ll be completely miserable and tired… ya know?

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