Goodbye summer! Last swim of the year

What a bittersweet day! I am definitely ready for fall to get here (bring on sweater weather) but today was the very last day that the pool would be open, so I went for a nice swim, despite having sore shoulders. The 20 laps in 29 minutes were tough but it was a satisfying way to bid farewell to summer. I stayed as long as the pool was open, and the lifeguard wished me a good year as I left. Awww.

I’m still recovering from the mess yesterday’s hike left me in. It’s been a while since I had a sick migraine but last night broke my streak. (How ever did I manage being a kid and having two or three of those a week?) However, each hike does leave me less sore so I must be doing something right. Today I’m trying to refuel and stretch some (refueling did not happen last night, quite the opposite).

Oh, one more hiking-related thing: my partner’s dad has requested that I take him along next time I go hiking in the nearby mountains. I tried to politely discuss the difficulty without offending him– he is a 60-some year old man, after all, though he’s pretty active– but he grew up in those mountains, too. Then there’s the issue of spending hours hiking alone with him, slightly weird…

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