Arms day, and a sports bra review

Sometimes I make some really odd decisions when it comes to cobbling together workouts. Despite having sore, tired shoulders, I decided to have a arms/chest/upper back/front abs day today, with the aim of making tomorrow the other half of the split (legs/glutes/lower back). I’m going to miss my workout on Thursday, thanks to a doctor’s appointment, so my schedule is compressed.

Anyway, it was a lot of stuff: OHP, biceps, bench, skull crushers, front and side delt raises, lat pulldowns, seated rows, crunches, and leg raises. That should have hit most of the relevant muscles…

I bought a new sports bra to try out, the Moving Comfort Juno. It’s a high-impact, full-coverage, racerback bra, and I was hoping that it might be a replacement for the Fionas that I tolerate because they’re the best of a bunch of really mediocre options. So I wear a 36DDD/E, and I’ve been in a 36DD in the Fiona because that’s the largest cup size they offer. I hook the band on the smallest hook from the get-go; at one point I tried the 34DD but there wasn’t enough cup. I ordered a 36E in the Juno. Unfortunately I just could not get the thing on without a fight. There’s a pretty big difference from my bust to my ribcage, but the bra only unhooks at the band. The racerback part is fixed– and tight! Once I finally wriggled into it (and asked my partner to fasten the back, because I couldn’t reach it) I decided that it could be the best bra in the world but it wouldn’t matter because I’d be exhausted by the time I got it on. The racerback choked up against my neckparts anyway. I didn’t like it. Guess I’ll send it back and keep searching for The One…

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4 Responses to Arms day, and a sports bra review

  1. ebay313 says:

    That is the style of my preferred running bra- racerback with a band that fastens in the back, but the racerback back part is fixed and just as tight as having the band done up already. I am a 38D ish so a bit less difference I think from bust to ribcage, still, it is a total struggle to get on and off :(

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  3. Hi! Have you found a sports bra that you like yet? I am on a quest right now for both regular and sports bras. I used to wear a Moving Comfort underwire sports bra, but it’s way too small now…

    • G says:

      I’m still using the Moving Comfort Fiona— I tried the Panache unwired and that was good too. I’m now wearing a 34DD though so that makes my bra choices a little easier. Good luck finding one that’s right for you?

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