Too much leg and back day

Someone overdid it today. My legs/lower back day was going great until the very last thing: deadlift. I loaded it up with a reasonable 175lb, and on the 5th rep I felt a nasty twinge in my lower back on the right side, something that connects my spine to my pelvis (likely quadratus lumborum). I should’ve just left the bar where I dropped it, but instead I racked it like a diligent gym-goer and tweaked it again. I’ve been Valsalva’ing my way around the locker room and the office trying to brace my lower back, and hoping the ibuprofen kicks in soon.

Anyway, before I tweaked my back, I fit a ton of stuff in: squats@135lb, back extensions, weighted step-ups, good mornings, glute bridges (new to me; will have to read some more about that one) and lunges. Maybe doing heavy DLs last after everything else was a bad move.

Well, I do have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so maybe at least I injured myself at a good time?

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4 Responses to Too much leg and back day

  1. ebay313 says:

    ouch! hope you feel better soon!

  2. pixieannie says:

    I’d be tempted to do the deadlifts early on in the workout. How is your back now?

    • G says:

      Getting better, as of yesterday I finally feel like I don’t need any painkillers and it’s stiff but not painful. I think next week I’ll be back to lifting– more lightly. :)

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