Too soon

After Saturday’s nice little run, I was feeling optimistic about getting back to the gym this morning. I packed my gym bag last night and today I headed to the gym with the intention of doing a nice easy level of activity for as long as felt good.

Well, I tried. "As long as felt good" was about 5 minutes on the treadmill, and I hung in there until 10 but after that I was really starting to regret my life choices. And now I hurt a lot. So in retrospect I probably should’ve taken today off.

The thing about this pain is it’s very non-localized; my lower back hurts, radiating into the front of my hip and groin, and my lower abdomen hurts too. I can’t tell if, for instance, it’s my back muscle, other muscle soreness, pre-menstrual cramping, digestive troubles, or I just have to pee badly. To top it off, my friend was like "hey that sounds like when I had a kidney stone" and I was just like NO DON’T YOU EVEN.

Anyway, time for more ibuprofen. I left the muscle relaxers at home today, one more regret…

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