Hangry and commando

My mood is much improved today, thank goodness. Actually the fog lifted shortly after lunch, which leads me to believe that the changes I’ve made to my breakfast might not be working very well. I’ve switched from a hemp protein-and-fruit smoothie to a much quicker protein shake; the difference is about 300 calories. I’m much hungrier (hangry-er) in the mornings. I might need to bring a snack to get me from 6:30am to lunchtime at 11:30. Maybe a second shake? Lol.

I made it to the gym for a full run workout today, if a shorter one: 25 minutes of Zombies, Run! intervals. Nothing fancy, but I fit a solid 2.12 miles on the treadmill in there. All my parts seem functional enough, but my lower back to hamstrings area is tight. I did a good stretch afterward. Well, if I can’t lift, at least I can get my run on.

However, I forgot to put a pair of underwear into my gym bag. Ugh. I opted to go commando rather than put the sweaty pair back on. I’m wearing pants and am completely covered but i still feel exposed and uncomfortable, like somehow people are going to know. No, no one’s going to know. (Not unless they read this blog, anyway– but I hope none of my coworkers do!)

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2 Responses to Hangry and commando

  1. Sue-Ann says:

    I’m a huge sufferer of the hangry crazies, totally get you there… and I’ve had that same commando paranoia, it’s like you’re convinced people can sense it :)

    • G says:

      I only heard of the neologism (or is it a portmanteau?) hangry recently, my coworker said it and it was like a light bulb went off! It’s nice to have a word for it, gives the feeling some legitimacy :)

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