Eighty percent

J and I went to the gym this morning and I am very pleased to report that everything seems to be up and running again! I kept it light, but I can lift without significant hand pain, and my back only bothered me at the tail end of a long set of situps at the end of my workout. Happy dance!

This is also good news for my upcoming backpacking trip, scheduled two weekends from now. However, the weather forecast isn’t looking promising, though I know better than to trust it a week out. But hiking in rain is the pits. The group’s going to meet early next week and see if we need to modify the trip from a four-day backpacking trip to a shorter one, or possibly just get a site to use as a base camp and do day hikes instead. I really want to do something. Personally, I’d rather do a shorter or less complicated trek than drag myself through four days of rainy misery just to say we did this monumental hike.

The weather for next weekend is unsure, but this coming weekend is definitely going to be a washout. Which is no good, because I have a friend visiting from Florida and we’re going to the renfaire. (Notice I didn’t say ‘we want to go’– we are going, unless they close up the joint.) Looks like the plan is going to be ‘camp out at one of the taverns and drink and watch shows’. It works.

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