Treadmills vs mountains

Well, it may not have been the best idea, but I went to the gym and ran an ‘easy’ 3 miles on the treadmill. I’m a little sore in the quads from yesterday’s squats (sigh, it’s been so long) but the run went okay, just under 40 minutes. My mileage is way down so I’ve lost some running conditioning.

Now’s not really the time to ramp that mileage back up though– first I’ve got to get through this weekend! I’ve got some last minute stuff to take care of before I set off– one last trip to REI (damnit), a test pitch of my hammock system tonight, and getting my food together (including baking some lembas for the group, because I’m just nice like that). I’m keeping a list on my phone as things pop into my mind, and it’s blowing up…

Speaking of food, I have put very little preparation into figuring what and how much I need. I’m guessing I can do meals in typical amounts and supplement with caloric snacks. I usually don’t stop to eat on the trail; I’m more likely to just munch as I go along. (If I stop moving I’m not going to want to start again!) My partner bought a bucket of those Mountain House dehydrated meals, and I’ll probably wind up taking some but I hate eating stuff like that. I get the feeling I’m going to miss fresh food… I might take some heavy cooked leftovers in baggies for the first day (cooked sweet potatoes, brown rice) and damn the weight, I’m taking an apple for each day because om nom apples.

Also, our group of 6 is now down to 4; two of the guys’ wives were coming along and now they’re not. I was looking forward to not being the only woman in the group. And these guys are good friends, but I’m still feeling a little uneasy about the situation. Trying not to dwell on it. It’s more that I wouldn’t have to work so hard to do an end run around stupid comments and behavior if there were other women in the group (particularly their wives!)

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