Backpacking n00b

As J and I were heading to the gym this morning, my cube neighbor/hiking companion called after J, "Make sure she doesn’t do anything too strenuous! Upper body only! We’ve got a long way to walk this weekend!" And J replied, "Uh, I can’t make her do anything." Have I mentioned I like J?

But I did keep it to upper body only, nothing too heavy, and finished it off with some nice stretchy yoga to ease all my sore muscles. I’m wondering if I can find a way to do some nice yogas every morning on the trail, just to get my blood moving.

We’ve nailed down plans, I’ve done my last-minute stuff-getting, and I just need to bake the lembas and get everything packed up. One of my companions is crashing at my place to save the driving in the morning, so maybe he can help me sort it all out. I feel like a backpacking n00b. I’m so worried that once I get everything I need into my pack it’s going to weigh a zillion pounds and I’m going to hate my life all weekend…

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1 Response to Backpacking n00b

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I know I would stress out about the packing too, but it occurs to me that there is simply no way to know exactly how much to bring without experience. A lot of experience. So most hikers are n00bs :-)

    Have a good time!

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