Altitude training

Work travel this week has taken me into the mountains of Colorado. I packed up my running kit, because running when traveling is the best, especially in such a gorgeous natural environment.

And I knew the elevation here was upwards of a mile, but I sort of brushed it off. So what if I was at sea level yesterday? It’ll be okay, I’ll just take it easy. I am strong and adaptable!

Yesterday I met up with a friend who lives here and she showed me around; we had a nice, easy hike on a trail up around a landmark in the mountains. I was walking up the hill from the parking lot at my usual pace and… I was so tired, gasping, it was terrible! My friend chuckled and reminded me of the altitude, and we had a very leisurely hike, then walked around town some. It was plenty.

Today I finished up my work duties and was feeling ambitious so I decided to try a run before dinner– just an easy 30 minutes. It was not easy. I struggled through the 2.3 miles, taking walk breaks when I couldn’t catch my breath. Okay, I believe the altitude thing. Forgive me for my arrogance. I never thought I would miss oxygen so much!

The weather is turning nasty but I might get one or two more runs in before I head home. Hopefully I don’t keel over…

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2 Responses to Altitude training

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    LOL the oxygen. I grew up in Colorado, so I didn’t really think anything of it, just accepted breathlessness as the normal state. When I moved to sea level-ish, I was STUNNED at all the free air! You can walk, talk, and even smoke all at the same time without panting.

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