Trails and turkey trots

I’m back at home at sea level, and really loving the fact that I don’t get winded walking up a flight of stairs anymore! (My friend told me that it takes about 6 weeks to get used to the altitude, so it is what it is, but man that was demoralizing…) Sweet, sweet oxygen.

I’ve been wanting to do more activity; between my back and the backpacking trip and then my feet issues and the travel I’ve definitely been off my game and feeling out of condition. Today I had nothing on the schedule so I had time to head out for a longer run, which turned out to be half road and half trail running, 4 miles in 57 minutes. I kept up a respectable pace until I got to the trail so I don’t feel too bad about the relatively slow time; once I got to the trail I ran where I could and walked where it was too steep. I could definitely use more hill work in my life. It was a nice fall day and I passed a few people out hiking and mountain biking (and they all looked at me like I was very odd for running out there).

As I write this I’m also researching a turkey trot 5k to register for this year, and I think I’ve found one. It’ll give me something to train for, which makes for a little extra motivation. It’s just a month away, but it’s just for fun so I’m looking forward to it!

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