Treadmill track workout

Intervals day today. My training plan called for 7x400m, and I hopped on the treadmill not knowing how it would work out– after all, I ran just last night, too. But it went pretty well for my first intervals workout of the plan, 3.64 miles total in 43:11. Next time I think I’ll try to push the fast parts a bit faster and keep from slowing down so much in the recovery intervals– I didn’t need to slow to a walk but it was pretty slow. The workout could probably be pushed up a tick in toughness.

Anyone out there have any suggestions on how to stretch out my lower back? All this running is aggravating my old back injury, and it’s sore again. I haven’t had any luck getting at it with a foam roller, either. Honestly, I’m probably due for a massage!

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6 Responses to Treadmill track workout

  1. Have you tried child’s pose? That’s what I usually go for. You just kinda have to hang around in it for a while until you feel some release

  2. Cheyanne says:

    Child’s pose for sure. I’ve had great results using those big rubber balls. Kind of laying over it and what not. :)

  3. parseraisin says:

    +1 child’s pose. I also like the fish pose for my lower back. Have you ever tried the myrtl routine? It is meant for hips but always makes my lower back feel better. I’m 42, so I may say I run, but really I stretch. A lot.

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