Working my limits

Recovery day, happy dance! Today I went to the gym, did some very cursory upper-body lifting (one set biceps, triceps, pec flys, and front and side delt raises) then queued up a youtube yoga practice, "Power Yoga for Flexibility" and followed along. When I’m doing youtube yoga at the gym I pick ones I’m already familiar with, since I’m not looking at the screen on my phone, just following the verbal prompts. This one is pretty simple and short (and the instructor is perhaps excessively perky), but it includes nice stretches for the shoulders and hips.

For some reason, the ambient soundtrack at the gym has shifted to be 75% Scooter. Remember Scooter, that obnoxious 90s German hardcore techno group? I was having a flashback to all the songs I’d downloaded off Napster back in college…

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2 Responses to Working my limits

  1. Cheyanne says:

    Scooter? UGH! Really? This is why I hate gyms. Haha.

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