Changing schedule

My workplace is pretty good about shared calendars; we’re all encouraged to keep our availability on them and use them to plan meetings. However, my boss is like the only person who never bothers to check– he just puts meetings on when it’s most convenient for him. Like through lunch, or through my gym time with J (yes, it’s blocked out on my calendar). Oh well, he’s the boss.

So, because he put a meeting on for 9:30am, I got up at 5:15, arrived at work a bit before 7, and headed straight for the treadmill. Somehow I managed to mangle the timing for my 40 minute tempo run in my head– last night I decided on 10-20-10 but this morning I started out with 15 so it wound up being 15-15-10. It’s probably just as well, because it was brutal. I chose an ambitious speed for the fast section and just barely pulled it off. Overall it was 3.4 miles.

So there was a big difference in feel between yesterday’s run and today’s, despite similar performance. Yesterday I had fresh legs, and a breakfast of oatmeal cooked with apple and cinnamon and brown sugar. Today I tossed down a low-carb protein drink before leaving the house. Hmmm…

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