My recovery day workout was a very nice half hour of yoga. The most challenging things I did were Dancer pose, Pyramid and some pushups. Simple and stretchy.

In the main part of the gym, the PA was playing The Smiths? Because nothing makes me want to pump iron like hearing Mozzer sing "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"…

My feet are still kind of a mess; on top of the usual wear and tear from running, all the old blisters and hotspots from the hike are getting to the point where they’ve dried up and are ready to peel off and I’m losing flakes everywhere (ew, sorry). After this race I’m going to need some serious pedicure to get my feet into holiday party strappy heels shape. I should only have one fancy party to go to this year, at least.

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3 Responses to Stretchifed

  1. Oh yeah I hear you on the feet thing! In training over the summer i was too scared to go get a pedicure cos the ladies at my salon are super judgy lol

    • G says:

      I haven’t been in years because they try to take all the callus and protective stuff off my feet– and I need that! The last time I went in for a pedi I suffered through blisters for weeks after.

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