Training questions

In short: I feel crappy. But do I feel crappy because of yet another run this morning? Because my period started? Because I’m fighting off that bug that’s flying around my office? Who knows. But ugh.

Anyway, 3 miles on the dang treadmill today in just under 36 minutes. I was battling my way through the last mile when I accidentally knocked the emergency stop magnet off its thingum, stopping the treadmill. Aside from the unintentional break to put it back on, it was a solid run, but tough, lacking energy and feeling dehydrated.

I’m supposed to do 7 miles tomorrow, the last long run of this shortened training. I’m debating. I get the feeling that it’s going to turn out a lot like last Wednesday’s 5 miler, when I couldn’t keep up any level of intensity. On the other hand, the long runs aren’t meant to be cardio hard, they’re just meant to be long and glycogen-depleting. I guess I’ll see how my legs and feet feel tomorrow; they feel pretty beat up at the moment. If it’s terrible, I can push it back to Sunday.

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