Being an active agent of life

Well, on my way to the gym I was ready to take a nap on the treadmill, but about an hour later I’d finished 5 solid miles instead. Hopefully my legs feel as good next Thursday! I’m tired but suffering no ill effects. It was a surprisingly nice run, and I feel like I earned the "5 miles fast"– nice negative splits every mile.

(tw: weight loss junk follows) I got a phone call from my aunt last night– (the one who sent along the diet book) and we talked a while about a bunch of things, including my upcoming race. I know she means well, but she’s so far into the "successful dieter" camp now that everything’s about losing weight. "Wow, that’s so amazing that you’re running like that! I don’t know how you’re not losing weight…" I reassured her that weight loss was not my goal, and I was happy as long as I’m getting stronger and faster. "Your mom says you look smaller though!" Looks or not, the same number is on the scale. "You probably have more muscle." I definitely have more muscle! But can we move on from what my body looks like now? Thanks.

Every time I have a workout, I’m honing my body’s ability to be an instrument of motion and strength. It’s a conscious step away from my body being a passive object for consumption, towards being an active agent of life. I don’t want to just look good standing around. Let me go do stuff!

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