Almost there…

After today’s workout, I have just one more training run before the race. I think I’m about ready to take a break from serious running; for one thing, it’s just too darn cold out there! Today was 40F and a stiff wind and it was pretty miserable. I wore tights, a pullover and a fleece jacket and the wind blew right through everything– unpleasant before I warmed up, bearable once I started sweating a little, and freezing during the damp cooldown.

It was just a 3 miler today, and my goal was to get it done at a steady and unspectacular pace. My running app’s audio broke so I didn’t have audio feedback on my speed, and I left my phone in a pocket so I couldn’t see it, but I was running a route where I had a rough idea of the distance. So it was a different kind of run: just me and the road, no music or pace info to distract, motivate or guide me. It turns out that I can manage just fine pacing myself! I ran the 3 miles of rolling hills in a nice, steady 36:20. Just gotta push it up one tick for the race…

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