Tapering and trying on dresses

In my effort to taper effectively yet still continue exercising, I did some upper body lifting, trying not to be too heavy with it. I did toss in wood chops, situps, bird dog, and leg extensions from table– so that all hit my mid-section and hips, which have been sore since I started training. (I’ve noticed that my stride has been off, too: my strong forefoot pushoff has been mostly replaced by a midfoot plod. I’m not any slower, so I guess it’s okay– it’s just weird for me to run that way. It is harder on my hips and obliques, though.)

So, the dresses arrived and I tried them on. (Pictures available upon request.) The verdict is mixed. The green one looks really good, actually– but thanks to my shape, it rides up. So I’d look fantastic but I’d spend the entire night tugging my dress down so’s I don’t flash everyone (it’s very short to begin with!) The black one looks pretty shapeless, though a good strapless bra would probably help. There’s just not enough structure in the dress to make it sit right, and since the dress is so schlumpy, the boning doesn’t fit close under the bust but just makes a straight line to the waist– not what a busty but smaller-waisted person needs. So maybe I should just take a trip to the mall tomorrow (not Friday!) and see if I have any other prospects…

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2 Responses to Tapering and trying on dresses

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Are you any closer to a decision about the dresses? Based on your description I think I’m voting for the green one. I love the peacock on the black dress, but I don’t love the shape. I think that kind of skirt goes in and out of style faster than the green dress. But yeah, I don’t think I’d want to be tugging it down all night either.

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